PhotoPrep 1.0 Launch Celebration!

1.0 Is Ready To Go!

Today we are very excited to announce the first official final (not beta) release of PhotoPrep. Its ready to escape from our labs and hit the street…

Thanks To Our Beta Testers 

I just want to say a big Thank You to our beta testers and supporters! For your patience (at times), insights and encouragement. We really appreciate it! Many of your suggestions made it into the product, and all of them have been carefully considered.  

As a way of showing our appreciation we will be emailing beta users a special ‘thank you’. 

1.0 Release?

A 1.0 release sounds scary, but this product has been tested by hundreds of beta testers for many months, with steady improvements in quality and features along the way.

Good Software is Never Done…

Not that we intend to stop improving the product –  so please send feedback, and suggest new features or vote for your favorites. The software industry term for software that’s never ‘done’ is that you are iterating. To iterate means to make steady improvements in a product. In other words it means  ‘OK, get back to work’ and start on the next release, so talk later, gotta run…